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Dennis Temko's Resume


  • California, 2013



  • California Western School of Law, San Diego, California J.D.

  • The University of Colorado at Boulder, B.A. Psychology





Published Writs and Appeals 

​Unpublished Family Law Appeals

  • In re Marriage of Hembree (Mistake, K interpretation, set aside, 1101)

  • In re Marriage of Thompson 2023 WL 7313842 (Section 217 live testiomy)

  • In re Marriage of Donahue 2023 WL 5965707 (Personal jurisdiction)

  • In re Marriage of Jacobsen 2023 WL 1776201 (Time rule)

  • Kim v. Kim 2022 WL 17828618 (Continuance + property division)

  • In re Marriage of Ferrari (Military retirement)

  • M.K. v. A.T. 2022 WL 14310937 (Set aside)

  • In re Marriage of Dashtipour 2022 WL 4298096  (Ostler smith)

  • In re Marriae of Mackey 2022 WL 2763173 (Set aside)

  • Belousoff v. McConnell 2022 WL 712831 (Cohabitation)

  • In re Marriage of Isley 2022 WL 34648  (Ostler Smith)

  • In re Marriage of Drougas 2021 WL 5027545 (Spousal support)

  • In re Marriage of Miller 2021 WL 1684128 (Division of property)

  • In re Marriage of Tiffany M. 2020 WL 7486715 (Spousal support)

  • County of San Diego Dept. of Child Support Services v. A.H. 2020 WL 5756507  (High earner)

  • In re Marriage of Tetzlaff 2020 WL 7019429 (Adult child support)

  • Farzam v. Charchian 2020 WL 4332445  (271 sanctions)

  • Singh v. Basra 2020 WL 3409740  (Grandparent visitation)

  • In re Marriage of Y.L. and P.N. 2020 WL 289205 (Move away)

  • In re Marriage of Kim 2019 WL 2064526 (contract interpretation)

  • Robbins v. Robbins 2018 WL 4356707 (Statutory and K interpretation)

  • In re Marraige of Jones 2018 2018 WL 4018075_(Reconsideration)

  • M.R. v. B.R. 2018 WL 4018083 (DV Interpretation)

  • In re Marraige of Dick 2018 WL 3342925 (High Income Earner)

  • In re Marriage of Meddock 2018 WL 3864957 (Transmutation)

  • In re Marriage of Nail 2018 WL 2455420 (Notice)

  • Nasim v. Badii 2017 WL 5774331 (DV)

  • In re Marriage of Giura and Vetisan 2017 WL 4980188 (Best Interest)

  • In re Marriage of S.G. and F.R. 2017 WL 3573785 (DV)

  • Csupo v. Csupa 2016 WL 5682746 (Smith Ostler)

  • Paccione v. Paccione 2016 WL 5929925 (Time to Appeal)

  • Weber v. Weber 2016 WL 6298772 (Best Interest+Accounting)

  • Quinn v. Quinn 2016 WL 3876011 (Spousal Support)

  • Antoniadis v. Antoniadis 2016 WL 675548 (Reimbursement, Transmutation, CP Presumption, Trust Docs)

  • Childs v. Childs 2016 WL 618178 (664.6 Motion)

  • Walther  v. Walther 2015 WL 7732178 (Income Imputation)

  • In re Marriage of Reed 2015 2015 WL 6168005

  • In re Marriage of Lakdawala 2015 WL 5680833 (Business Characterization) 

  • In re Marriage of Yuan 2015 WL 5634678 (Omitted Assets) 

  • In re Marriage of Pepper 2015 WL 5016856 (Support, Credits, & Fees)

  • In re Marriage of Vahidi and Amrishami 2015 WL 5013445

  •  In re Marriage of Lien 2015 WL 1222354 (Spousal Support)

  • In re Marriage of Atchison 2015 WL 764434 (Support)

  • In re Marriage of Montague 2015 WL 66541 (Property Division)

  • In re Marriage of Whalen 2014 WL 2432274 (Ostler Smith)

  • In re Marriage of K.C. and G.C. 2014 WL 643699 (Custody)

  • In re Marriage of Benhagel and Sheveleva 2014 WL 68383  (Fair Trl. Rt.)

  • In re Marriage of Lin 2014 WL 3736077 (Sanctions)

  • In re Marriage of Hannah 2014 WL 3052479 (Employer Loan Forgivness)

  • In re Marriage of Owen 2013 WL 6098440 (Support Arrears)

  • Signs v. Brzezinski 2013 WL 6797631 (Civil Restraining Order)

Unpublished Writs

  • McCarden v. Johnson (Custody)

  • K.M v. Superior Court Los Angeles County et Al. (Custody)

  • McCarden v. Superior Court of Los Angeles et al. (Custody)

  • Esenstern v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County (Domestic violence) – informal response requested.

  • Granados v. Superior Court of San Diego County

  • Ho v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County (Discovery)

  • Sullivan v. Superior Court of Santa Clara 2022 WL 497529 (COVID vaccination) – full decision

  • J.N. v. Superior Court of Alameda County (Ex Parte emergency) – Informal response requested

  • Hassan v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County (Due Process Custody)- palma notice

  • McEwen v. San Diego Superior Court (Discovery)

  • Y.L. v. P.N (Move Away)

  • McEwen v. San Diego Superior Court (Ex Parte Custody Order)

  • Acheatel v. San Diego Superior Court (Custody)

  • Rauina Mulock-Pinto v. The Superior Court (Judicial Bias)

  • Robbins v. The Superior Court (Privilege) - writ denied w/o prejudice

  • Benson v. The Superior Court of San Diego County (DVRO JURISDICTION)

  • In re Jason Rubin on Habeas Corpus (Contempt)

  • Alhazzaa v The Superior Court of San Diego County (Personal j/x)

  • Burgess v. The Superior Court of San Diego County (DVRO)


Unpublished Dependency Writs and Appeals

  • In re C.H. on Habeas Corpus (jx., dispo., IAC)

  • In re I.H. 2020 WL 582965  (jx, dispo., termination, IAC)

  • In re M.F. 2019 WL 5885087  (exit order)

  • In re C.W. 2019 WL ____________ (termination of supervision)

  • In re Z.Z 2018 WL ________ (Beneficial parent child)

  • In re A.R.; CFS v. J.G. 2018 WL _______ (Bio dad Best Interest)

  • In re A.F.; DPSS v. C.F.

  • In re C.M.; DPSS v. P.M.

  • In re Aubrey R 2012 WL 1115881 (Parent Child Exception)

  • In re Jordan G. 2012 WL 2582308 (Defacto Parent Status)


  • San Diego Family Law Bar, Member 

  • State Bar of California, Family Law Section 

Dennis Temko's Photograph San Diego Family Law Appellate Attorney

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